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It was in 2015 when Google declared publicly that most of its searches occur on mobile devices. This was after all the unofficial information that was passed by its employees in a meager scale. Since then, Google has made adaptations to the same.  Here, there are reasons for you to mobile optimize your website!

Changed behavior

Same hands operate both the mobile and desktop. Mobile traffic and Desktop traffic is theoretically the same.  But what is different is their behavior. Research tells us that mobile users are exposed to higher amount of visual media than that of desktop users with extensive focus on short video and images. Social media giants including Instagram and Vine achieved humongous success from offering solely videos and images. Understanding this audience behavior asks for an optimized design, harnessing the power of these media types to engage users.

Mobile users convert in to buyers easily

It is no more a myth that mobile users spend more than website counterparts. Mobile users tend to make small but frequent purchases. If the price range of your product is not more than around Rs. 500, mobile users are an ideal audience. On the other hand, tablet users have the highest average transaction value of any device.

Every transaction will use a mobile at least once.

It is a well researched fact that 90% of people do not use just one device to complete a task. This means that your target audience, who use desktops will also use mobile to engage with your site. Chances are that the initial engagement will happen through mobile which might then move through desktops. This clearly means that you will miss out on sales if your site is not mobile optimized.

Google’s support to mobile responsiveness.

Google is seen favoring mobile friendliness in SERP rankings. Google has acknowledged the fact that the stakes have been raised and that mobile responsiveness has become more responsive than ever in order to acquire organic traffic. It put forward penalties to the sites which fail to meet its standards for mobile friendliness.

 Social Media is the fastest in mobiles.

Social media is THE hub of any form of communication, whose medium is mobiles in most of the cases. This means that your business must be involved in all the sites and more importantly your site must be mobile optimized to reap the benefits of all the social networking sites.

Everyone has a mobile!

This is the most simple and obvious reason for you to get your site mobile optimized. Does this reason need an explanation anyway? 1.2 billion mobile users access the web and an whopping 80% of internet users own a smart phone. In other words, if they’re online, they are most likely on their phones!











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