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Are you an UX beginner? A mentor is exactly what you need!

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Internet is man’s best friend. We rely on it so much that it has almost made other sources of information generation obsolete.  It is an ocean where us, the users are fishes. Business men are fishermen who have been posed with the challenge of designing the best bait. Also, as we are promised with abundant number of experiences, we cardinally tend to choose the best one. Here comes the ultimate challenge! User Experience is a promising career path but the twist comes when we have to stand out from the other experts. A hairline of difference might just do the trick but to spot the same consumes a great deal of energy.

So here is your first thing to do once you make up your mind to step in to this arena.  Find your mentor! Of you have attended umpteen number of interviews, researched about how to start a career and still haven’t  figured your justifiable place to be, these tips might help you how to go about the same.

Before  initiating any work , research on the field and its promises as a career option. At the end of it, make sure you genuinely and whole heartedly believe that you are fit for this.

In an environment which is absolutely new to you, having a supporting person who already has ample experience in the same field will help you like you never imagined. But how to choose this life saver or how make sure he/she chooses you?

  • Firstly, decide the amount of time you want to spend qualitatively with your mentor. Make sure you stick to it and your attention plan generally is high during those hours of the day.
  • Possessing an adequate level of basic knowledge in the UX industry is a must. This is where the rubber meets the road.  To name a few, difference between information, architecture, interaction design, usability and user research, basic UX design process, design tools in the toolbelt and implementation of the same, prototyping things in Annexure, responsive designing abilities, types of designs, state of the industry today and most importantly an unique style for yourself to carry out activities.
  • Hanging out in UX meet up points will show you off in front of the people from the same walk of profession. UXPA, IXDA, IA Institute are few places. Digital friendship with bloggers, experts in the field should also help you. Attending classes is a major plus point and a proof for your knowledge.
  • Elect the magnitude of difference in experience you want from your mentor. If the difference is high, it is not fair for the mentor because he/ she deserves to work with people with minimum experience and if the difference is very low, there is no point looking for a mentor as you can self train with the abundance of information available online.
  • How formally do you want to work with your mentor? We have different comfort demands from workplace. You need to make the nature of relationship very clear before the commencement of the same.
  • What is the nature of knowledge under UX do you think is your weakest? Figure that ouy before proposing the area of training to your mentor. This cannot be decided by the mentee in most places but choosing a mentor who is not well versed in the spheres you are debilated in and is not inclined to train you in the same, it is a flat-out waste of time and energy and a very typical blunder committed by beginners.
  • Prepare yourself for any tricky questions that will come your way during the interview. Stay positive, stay confident and believe in yourself!


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