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Are you lacking “it” in life?

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You want to be it. I would rather be it.  While some claim to be born with it, some try to be it. To someone, it works only at nights. It makes life interesting. It adds beauty to details.  It bats monotony and boredom out of the world which lacks conviviality. There are myriad other joyful situations it indulges us in to make our lives gratifying.

WHAT IS IT? You must have postulated qualities like being funny, rich or loving. But no, the answer for my not too difficult conundrum is Creativity.

People believe that Creativity is an in born quality. This might be true because no one is as creative as our almighty and we can say that he chose a set of people to accede that quality of his! Or no, you might be the one who thinks that the above statement is utter nonsense. Your ethos says that anyone can be creative once they choose to be it. I’m with you, buddy. I’m wholly convinced that human brain can practice to be anything that we want to be. It takes time, but we get there eventually.

It creates an impression of you in this world. Unlike our carbon footprints, the bigger this impression is, the more content it makes us feel. It makes us realize that this world we live in gives us the key for innumerable doors for a new exploration sight every other second. It never gives room for insecurity in the work we do, the result of which gives us the highest satisfaction in the radar. It has the power to make a daffy day at work to one of the unforgettable days of your life, make people like you and proves that life is worth living by unfolding its possibilities and surprises. It is also one of the few things which has no age bar.

What I love the most about being creative is the importance to details it gives. The details make any work what it is. Acknowledging this and meliorating the same with dedication is equivalent to infusing magic to your work.

Take that day off work, write that unfinished story, wear that dress you have been hesitating to wear, read that book you’ve been meaning to read, buy that set of paints whose absence has been an excuse for you not to start painting, travel (new sights, languages, smell and sounds boost creativity).

Sounds very simple, isn’t it? But as simple as things get, that difficult it is to do them. Oximoronic sentences apart, I just hope this article makes sense to you and leads you to set afoot towards being creative, the magic that it is.


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