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Keen to get more views in Social Media Marketing? Here it is!!!

Uniqueness in content – For any blog, content is the hero ultimately it must be powerful. Different, crisp, and thoughtful contents based on current scenario are preferred by viewers. Viewers are captivated to stand alone media messages. Hashtag usage-By using hashtag viewers are just a click away from the posts, which in turn increases your […]
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Why are back links important for Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is one of the best tools under Digital Marketing, and if used effectively it will create wonders to your business. When we read articles online about SEO, the search engine would direct us to innumerable links with abundant information. We will definitely come across the term Back link. What is a back […]
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Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.  Especially in a business environment, inviting a change is the best way to tap opportunities. There is neck to neck fight between creative agencies whose expertise are digital marketing, web development, SEO, graphic design, content writing etc.,  who try to […]
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It was in 2015 when Google declared publicly that most of its searches occur on mobile devices. This was after all the unofficial information that was passed by its employees in a meager scale. Since then, Google has made adaptations to the same.  Here, there are reasons for you to mobile optimize your website! Changed […]
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What makes your product sell like hot cakes?

You put transcendent efforts to design a wooden house for sparrows and decide to sell it keeping in mind the almost extinct plight of its species. But you have struggles between two schools of thought. Whether to or not to develop a brand for your product. You take as gospel that you have put in […]
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Are you lacking “it” in life?

You want to be it. I would rather be it.  While some claim to be born with it, some try to be it. To someone, it works only at nights. It makes life interesting. It adds beauty to details.  It bats monotony and boredom out of the world which lacks conviviality. There are myriad other […]
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Are you updated with the latest trends on Social Networking sites?

Do you remember the day you created a Facebook/ Instagram  Account? Do you remember what services they provided then? If you do, you will be amazed from the renovations in the services social networking sites are going through as the years turn around. Social media marketing is a pre requisite for the prosperity of any […]
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Top Ten Designers You Must Follow On Instagram!

Instagram is the first app most of us wake up to, check after coming home from a long day and scroll through amid the boring hours of the day. There are various agents which attract us to Instagram; photos of our favourite celebrities, shopping pages, memes, inspirational quotes, breath taking images of nature, beauty tips […]
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Are you an UX beginner? A mentor is exactly what you need!

Internet is man’s best friend. We rely on it so much that it has almost made other sources of information generation obsolete.  It is an ocean where us, the users are fishes. Business men are fishermen who have been posed with the challenge of designing the best bait. Also, as we are promised with abundant […]