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Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.  Especially in a business environment, inviting a change is the best way to tap opportunities.

There is neck to neck fight between creative agencies whose expertise are digital marketing, web development, SEO, graphic design, content writing etc.,  who try to outshine each other in every possible ways. What are the related business trends that are likely to unveil in the future?

Top Companies will focus on engaging customers with each other

Connection Economies is a term coined by Seth Godin, which has been relevant in the business world for the past two years. The connection economy rewards value by building relationships and creating connections, rather than building assets by industrialism. This means that the leading companies will try linking their buyers to each other and then to the seller. For example,  Facebook is the biggest media hub, but do they create any content? No! Uber is the biggest taxi company, yet they do not own any taxis. This is how connection economies will help your firm.

Embracing Millennials

Millennials are the people who are in their 20s, who, according to research, would like to work in companies that make them proud. After all, graphic designing is a prestigiously competitive field to work in.  The youngsters are not really welcomed in to the business environment as much as the experienced ones. The reason companies must/will embrace the youngsters is that very soon, the experienced ones will retire soon. This might also create a huge leadership gap.

Investment in Mentoring

Making sure that the stability of the minds of people at your workplace is really crucial to your business development. Employers tend to overlook the skill sets of their employees which might sabotage their development and training. To avoid the same, making commitment to electronic to teach, monitor and mentor the team members.


With the global changes that are taking place, all sorts of business trends are growing. While the United States is taking a back seat in development, the rest of the world seems to be moving forward in all aspects. And Japan’s participation in the Trans Pacific Partnership is likely to define 21st Century trade in the Asian Pacific region.

Corporate Social Marketing

All the companies today have realized the importance of Digital Marketing. Studies say that 2016 saw a high rise in corporates using Digital Marketing to generate leads. The need for the services of creative agencies seems inevitable in today’s market and will be on the rise this year.

All the best and roll with the change!





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