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What makes your product sell like hot cakes?

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You put transcendent efforts to design a wooden house for sparrows and decide to sell it keeping in mind the almost extinct plight of its species. But you have struggles between two schools of thought. Whether to or not to develop a brand for your product. You take as gospel that you have put in your best efforts in creating this product and go ahead trying to sell it without a brand image. Kudos to this oozing confidence, but there are all the chances that your wooden home might soon sail on the same “in the verge of extinction” boat as the sparrows. Chances are that you might not grow at all. This is because of the obvious reason that a brand has an imperium of adding credibility and authencity to your creation. A can of worms is what your business will become in its absence. You do NOT want to bite more than you can chew when you are looking to throw your product in to the market and make sure that it is in the best place it can be in. Moreover, branding is actually a very simple yet crucial step to take.

Which is the best eat out? Mc D. Who is the best designer? Ralph Lauren. Which is the best smart phone? I phone. And which is your favourite chocolate? Dairy Milk. Once this question is asked, your immediate response is a brand name. This is how a brand, a good brand influences the minds of the people.

Don’t you agree to the fact that people just love brands, for they give their shopping experience an identity? And buying a popular brand’s product makes them happy. We are a herd of sheep, whose shepherd is a brand.

To realize the importance of branding, imagine a set of products without a brand.  And imagine them to be really good and satisfactory and you have used them once.  Now imagine a five year old kid goes to a market with her parents. They have great time at the market after which the kid loses track of her parents.  When people ask her who she was and who her parents are, she is not in a position to answer because she does not know her parents,  their origin and address. This is the exact same road the products and services will pass with the absence of a brand. An identity less product will cease to exist.

Moreover we live in a  world full of judgemental people. Just like the previous statement. But is a judgement always supposed to be taken in a bad sense? “He is a good looking boy”  is a judgement too.  Be it a good or a bad judgement, you get the point. This in some way or the other has paved way to the concept of Branding. From where it was, with simple concept to where it is  now, with hundred layers of depth in information, it has come a long way. A brand lets people judge your product. Whatever you do to the product, affects the brand.

There are umpteen number of layers to a branding strategy’s research process. With the latest trend including data analytics, GPS based SEO, raise in the relevance and effectiveness of content marketing, raising demand for authentic information, Phygital (Physical+Digital) Marketing,  usage of chat bots etc branding has taken a form as beautiful as a fully vegetated mountain.

So if you are keen on building trust, creating and improving recognition, building financial value, motivating your employees to work under you and the most important of all, generating leads, brand your product!


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