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Keen to get more views in Social Media Marketing? Here it is!!!

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Uniqueness in content – For any blog, content is the hero ultimately it must be powerful. Different, crisp, and thoughtful contents based on current scenario are preferred by viewers. Viewers are captivated to stand alone media messages.

Hashtag usage-By using hashtag viewers are just a click away from the posts, which in turn increases your visibility along with branding. It’s an emerging trend, for labeling and getting social media updates. Trending hashtags usage in various social media is also an added advantage.

Multimedia promotion in marketing– There are certain things apart from content like images, videos that fascinate the audience. Multimedia hooks the viewers to it which content seldom fails to. Video length at the best is about 1.30 minutes for Facebook whereas for twitter its 2.20 minutes and Instagram its 15 seconds. Amount of time spent for watching a video or image is less when compared with reading a blog.

Frequent Consistency should be maintained – To get more viewers, you should be persistent in posting fresh and solitary contents. As people start expecting more when it’s a feast to their brain and lagging in this may make them loose interest.

Recoverable account– If the account is not recoverable, then the viewers may be only a handful. It is better to be a last bencher who gets the foremost attention rather than being a first and middle bencher who is rarely noticed. Now to grab attention, you have to be very frequent in updating your blog, sharing other’s  post, and promoting your ideas in such a way that it reaches a wide audience.

Scheduling apparent time for posting –Everything has a perfect timing concept in order to get more reach. Appropriate time is a key to this. Right post at right time matters.

Engage with existing communities– Viewers must get connected with contents personally, which makes you get more attention and one way to get along with group is by following them in social media.

Shareable content– If people aren’t interested in the content there are chances of negative feedback so make sure it attracts a bounteous number of audience. Viewers never tend to share which doesn’t satisfy them, so content should be influential.

Active participant– It is such a platform where updation plays a crucial role it may be posting new blog or even responding to the viewer’s as this is what makes social media marketing different from the age old practice of traditional marketing.

Re-share other’s content-People’s generalized expectation is to get attention so if you don’t share theirs, then it may affect yours. It doesn’t mean sharing may be random, but should be a bit relevant what are you into.


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