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Your brand is what gives life to your business.


Kaalya concentrates on digital marketing along with web design and development in Chennai. In this competitive era, branding is the key to sustain in any field, doesn’t matter if it’s a startup or a big firm. Branding acts as the bridge between the company and consumers. It is the thing which builds trust in people, towards the product which in turn leads the company to have a firm hold in the field.

Certain requirements are to be fulfilled to withstand competition
Reachable- what are you into and how much idea do people know about you
Uniqueness- as you may not be the only company and people may search for a wow factor to prefer you over others.
Clarity- it must be crystal clear rather than a confusing one.
Rapport- there must be a rapport between the company and customer which motivates customer to chose us.
We are here to give a definite shape to your ideas through our vision. It is not only about logo, font, and image but “a corporate image” based on the perception of the audience. Branding, identity and logo on the whole helps us to get this image which we do here in Kaalya.
Branding- corporate image
Identity- who you are
Logo- identity in simplest form


Logo defines a company in a simplest form via symbol, mark, signature for its uniqueness. It must be noted that logo must be easily familiar in order to be identified in the industry.
If the logo has these 5 covered its easily identifiable in the marketing field:
• Simple
• Remarkable
• Perennial
• Relevant
• Versatile
This is one tool used by marketers to encourage potential buyers to purchase any product in digital marketing.

Brochure contains information about the company which is to be marketed and when it comes through digital marketing called as e-brochure which is a single destination to fetch details of a company.These are small pamphlet which describe the product or service which can be easily marketed on a digital platform.

Every year is a new start and without getting a rewind of the previous it’s impossible to develop, both personally & professionally.  Business calendars are one way to promote business. Our designs are well researched & cost effective. 

What have we got?

  • An Outlook
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo and Package Design
  • Catalogue Design
  • Brochure Design & Leaflets
  • Annual Reports & Calendars