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Are you updated with the latest trends on Social Networking sites?

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Do you remember the day you created a Facebook/ Instagram  Account? Do you remember what services they provided then?

If you do, you will be amazed from the renovations in the services social networking sites are going through as the years turn around. Social media marketing is a pre requisite for the prosperity of any company today. So don’t you want to sharpen your minds with information about the latest trends in social media marketing?


Leading networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest provides a platform to sell products within their apps. Snapchat too is in the trial error stage of this idea.  Why just introduce, display and describe your product when you can sell it with the help of these sites? Once the people are expose to the information about a product and like the same, they expect an immediate solution to make them theirs! So adding a sell/ call now option makes  their shopping experience instant and simple.


The social networking sites have accurately grasped the meaning of the quote “every picture says a story”. This concept was earlier sparkled by snapchat , when the human population reacted with daily story updates. Followed by that, most of the social networking sites including Instagram, Facebook and whatsapp have adapted to this trend.  People upload a set of photos which illustrate their experiences that day through a story and businesses use this to introduce a new product, its features and capabilities. You can add a caption to the same,  and they stay for a time span of 24 hours.


We crave for new experiences everyday. That doesn’t mean we will get to travel to new places daily. Social Media quenches this thirst of ours by bestowing us with vicarious experiences from any corner of the world, live! When you go live, your followers get a notification and they are allowed to communicate their queries through comments. At the end of which, the video gets saved to your account which is available for viewing at any time in the future.  Businesses are favoured with a whopping advantage with this update. Just imagine having live audience from all over the world having not spent a penny or minimum energy! What do we call this, dream come true? Effective implementation of this will create wonders to your sales and promotion! Don’t forget to go live at peak minutes of the day.


Shrinking the time duration to get access to the content develops eagerness, attentiveness and the viewers long for more releases. It is a perfect way to induce the feeling of suspense in to the audience too.  The photo/ video you send to your audience disappear in quite a few seconds. Ephemeral Content is a sprouting practice in social networking sites today.

With these trends, we can expect the downfall of the sites which do not bring in similar updates this year.


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